The JustBeGreen Farms, Aquaponics Park

Within the JustBeGreen Villages America land plan, the proposed “JBG Aquaponics Park” will build 3.2 million sqft. of greenhouses and to include four – 100,000 sqft. of fish grow houses, which will produce approximately 4 million pounds annually of barramundi fish. The amount of fish produced will provide enough natural fertilizer to grow in excess of 60 million pounds plus of organic vegetables in our greenhouses.

The aquaponic and educational footprints within our land will become the economic drivers which will crystallize the creation of at least 2000 plus jobs and most importantly, it will help change the much-needed economic hope needed for future generations of the “Kids of the Cumberland Plateau”.

THE JOINT VENTURE between JBG Academy and JBG Farms, both working together to support for-profit and nonprofit endeavors in Morgan County. Both entities are linked directly linked to , all working together to help feed and educate people about sustainable agriculture around  the world.

The sum total efforts of JustBeGreen Villages America’s collective is about creating and promoting “true reciprocity” for all participants, which is founded upon good ideas, honest products, materials and diversified services.

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