John Spears

John Spears is a true visionary and leader of the sustainability movement. “Green” and “sustainable” are more than buzzwords to him; they are more than just passing headlines in monthly journals or on popular websites. John has thrown his entire life and storied career into making the world a cleaner, healthier place for people around the globe. His pioneering visions and expertise have received global recognition, with nothing short of internationally renowned dignitaries calling on John personally to help them solve their energy problems.

After consulting on and designing houses and communities around the world, John returned to his home and family to start a practice dedicated to designing and building custom, sustainable homes. He is entirely unique in the industry in his intense dedication and commitment to residential sustainability. John’s personal philosophy takes from the view that we are all a part of nature and should find harmony within it; from that, a house becomes an integral part of nature, rather than an isolated object separated from it. Designing green, energy-efficient homes is John’s greatest passion and there is not a person more suited for the job.

John has won countless awards for both his stewardship of sustainability and his beautiful homes, locally and abroad. If you are interested in building the most healthy and energy efficient home possible, you have found your perfect building match.