What is unique about JustBeGreen Villages America's buildout?


 JustBeGreen Villages America cannot be classified as a City, as per Tennessee State Law. Nevertheless, the project will be designed and built from the ground up, as if it were the prototype of the… City of JustBeGreen. By providing mutually inclusive and vertically integrated business synergies between resident businesses, contractors and subcontractors, JustBeGreen Villages America will essentially operate as a village. “JustBeGreen Villages America will positively  change the entire economic face of the Cumberland Plateau”, states Gary Hunt, Founder and Managing Member.

The region was recently named as the Economic Development Area of JustBeGreen Villages America, under the auspices of House Bill 2116, a destination reserved for economically challenged Tennessee counties. The JustBeGreen master-plan dovetails  the state’s vision for redevelopment and infrastructure expansion for rural areas like Morgan County, giving developers, investors,  potential residential and commercial buyers  access to federal and state infrastructure and construction funding and assistance.

Aquaponics is one of our key economic drivers

  The intent is to  help feed the world starting with the residents of the Cumberland Plateau, slated for a March 2021 construction start-up with a Phase one, 12-month build-out.  First to be developed will be JustBeGreen Farm’s footprint of a 200,000 lb production of Barramundi fish and a 160,000-square foot greenhouse as part of the planned, multifaceted project. Over a 7 to 10 -year period these facilities will grow into a total of 3.2 million ft of greenhouses and four 100,000 square feet of grow houses. These facilities will produce 4 million pounds of fish annually and 60 million pounds of produce annually. It is the intent of JustBeGreenFarms.com to duplicate this template across the United States.


JustBeGreen Academy.com will be teaching smart tech aquaponics to all new job applicants. 

JustBeGreenEnergy.com will be creating a vertically integrated energy platform starting with a 79.5 MW solar plan in our land plan

In phase one, JustBeGreenLodging.com will be creating a 6,500 sq ft  gathering place with conference center, to include 193 hotel condos/100-unit townhouses and commercial complex.

 Serving our Veterans

We have an obligation to include  nonprofit and for-profit health care facilities which will serve our Veterans and will include an assisted living center for the local community residents also. We are committed to support all our dedicated Veterans projects at Cherokee Path; and to include the ConthienVeteransMemorial.com endeavors. Most important is about showing the due respect to all the Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army Veterans, who died on the Dmz  in Vietnam

The JustBeGreen Family Brand is in the ‘We Biz”

The JBG Brand is creating multi-segmented opportunities for all who want to be associated in the creation of a one of a kind, true 21st century environmentally sensitive community development. Within JustBeGreen Villages America’s land plan, we are creating 17 individual destination creators which complements each participant, whereby the sum cause and effects will create economic hope for current and future generations in a region, where historically the residents have been left behind.

Creating an international destination  -gathering place

 JustBeGreen Villages America is purely an organic vision in montion with a  process of developing relationships with Hi-tech and low tech, non-polluting firms, regionally and nationally. We want to focus on creating joint ventures with like-minded individuals and companies who share the passions of shared visions, of creating a holistic, ecologically contained, self-sustaining environment.

Experience has shown us that from such a modest beginning, we can get great results; the observation of such actions and the optimism they reflected, almost always spawn other actions, programs, investments, and employment opportunities. This is not a search for Utopia, but rather it’s about doing the right thing, as all participants make their individual free-will choices, of “practicing conscious economics” as segmented team players, with the intent of wanting to find a common-sense balance of what, true environmental reciprocity really means.

It’s all about moving “Onward and Upward” with a shared vision of what will be

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