“The JustBeGreen ‘World Brand’ plans to inspire others to simply ‘do good’. The ideas, that we will implement on a global basis, will encourage others to come together for the greater good.”

April 19, 2018

Its Offical, we are the Economic development area of JustBegreen Villages America located in Morgan county, TN.

We would like to thank Senator Yager and Representative John Mark Windle for their hard work in making this bill a reality, for current and future generations.

JustBeGreen Villages of America is establishing a “New Smart Tech,  Holistic, agriculturally based Community Development, ”  to be supported by state of the art old and new technologies, which will be used to  build this project from the ground up, in Morgan County Tennessee. This project has been mandated and approved by a 90 to 1 vote within the House of Representatives  and  passed unanimously  by its 28 members of the Tennessee Legislature, which was signed by  Governor Haslam on  April 19, 2018. 

March 9, 2020

The County Executive and the County commissioners of Morgan County, passed  this Resolution with a unanimous  vote on March 9th 2020, thus making this a shared vision of what will be. 

JBG at morgan county courthouse

From Left to right – 1st Row

Mike Atkins (JBG), Joe Sexton (JBG), Brian Langley ( Morgan County Executive), Gary Hunt (JustBeGreen Founder), 

Left to right – Second Row

Chuck Burgess of (JustBeGreen Developers), Denny Reagan (JustBeGreen Energy), Dale Kennedy (JBG), Joe Sexton Jr. (JBG), Roger Bunch (JBG)


Getting ready for Business

June 19, 2020

just be green Villages America

(Launch Event)

July 11, 2020

County Exective- Brian Langley,  JBG Founder- Gary Hunt , City Mayor- Karen Melton

     Roger Bunch (JBG)        Suzan Gifford (JBG)      Dennis Reagan (JBG)       Joe Alvin Sexton(JBG)          Joe Sexton (JBG)               Joe Miller (JBG)

     McKenzie Patton (JBG)        Seth Schweitzer (Architect)         Chuck Burgess (JBG)                  Dale Kennedy (JBG)              Steve Young (Architect)

       Matthew Bunch 


Site Location

More Pictures

Growing Barramundi

If there was such a thing is a prince of fish in Aquaponics then the Barramundi would have to be it. Think of a fish

Aquaponics Park

The JustBeGreen Farms, Aquaponics Park Within the JustBeGreen Villages America land plan, the proposed “JBG Aquaponics Park” will build 3.2 million sqft. of greenhouses and

Introducing JustBeGreen Energy

INTRODUCING JUSTBEGREEN ENERGY, INC. JustBeGreen Energy is structured as a vertically integrated energy platform. Our primary purpose is to oversee the financing, project planning, implementing

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