“The JustBeGreen ‘World Brand’ plans to inspire others to simply ‘do good’ as often as possible. The ideas, that we will implement on a global basis, will encourage others to come together for the greater good.”

We are about to launch a global news platform that will bring to you, the latest updates as we roll out multi-segmented articles about sustainable agriculture, veterans healthcare services and education, to include renewable energy resources and employment opportunities for the people of Morgan County and surrounding counties within the Cumberland Plateau. However our initiative does not stop there, we are on a mission to spread this initiative across America and finally around the globe in order to help feed the world.


Growing Barramundi

If there was such a thing is a prince of fish in Aquaponics then the Barramundi would have to be it. Think of a fish

Aquaponics Park

The JustBeGreen Farms, Aquaponics Park Within the JustBeGreen Villages America land plan, the proposed “JBG Aquaponics Park” will build 3.2 million sqft. of greenhouses and

Introducing JustBeGreen Energy

INTRODUCING JUSTBEGREEN ENERGY, INC. JustBeGreen Energy is structured as a vertically integrated energy platform. Our primary purpose is to oversee the financing, project planning, implementing

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